Hashtag 101: Hashtags Defined and Where to Use Them

Hashtag 101: Hashtags Defined and Where to Use Them

Hashtags start with a pound sign (#) and are followed by words or numbers with no spaces between characters.

Hashtags connect your post to a larger conversation. You can click on a hashtag to see all of the content other users have posted with that hashtag.

Relevant Hashtags

When deciding what hashtags to use, research which hashtags are active and relevant. Use relevant hashtags to promote your brand to users who share the same interests.

Brand Hashtags

As you’re brainstorming for brand hashtags, see if the hashtag is currently being used by anyone else. Is the content appropriate? Do you want your brand associated with it?

How Many Hashtags?

Instagram: You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to limit your hashtags to 10 so your post is not perceived as spam.

Facebook & Pinterest: 0 hashtags. You’re better off writing captions with great keywords.

LinkedIn: Using 2-3 hashtags is now acceptable.

Remember, research the hashtags you intend to use since you never know what other people are using it for on social media. You don’t want to associate your business with a negative, controversial or embarrassing topic!