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Claim and Verify Your Free Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is the first thing most people see in search results on Google, way before they see links to your website. If your business has a Google Business listing, you are getting shown front and center to thousands of people each month.

Your free listing helps Google show your business in the right search results.⁣ Your profile is one of the most high performing, powerful tools when it comes to Local SEO. Optimize your profile and update your listing often!

Importance of Google Business Profile for Local SEO

Google Profile Optimization

Your Google Business Profile is how you win at Local SEO!

Google’s listing of business profiles is literally the largest online directory on the planet! Google wants you to create a free listing. Google wants to help people find your Northern Michigan business in their search results.⁣ Google Business Profile listings can generate more customers for your business than your website does on its own. If you don’t have time or know-how to optimize or manage your profile, hire Abuzz Creative!

Investing in Google Business Profile services will help increase traffic to your website, will result in better search engine rankings, and will bring more leads. Marcie Wolf will help you get found on Google Search and Google Maps!

Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile Management is an optional add-on to our Social Media Marketing services. In addition to managing your Facebook and Instagram channels, Marcie Wolf will optimize your profile, upload photos and videos weekly, and create one unique profile post each week.

For one low monthly fee, Marcie Wolf will optimize, manage, and improve your Google Business Profile (three month minimum). Improve visibility and get more leads from people who are looking online for your products and services!

Claim Your Google Profile

With your free profile, help Google understand who you are, the services you offer, what products you sell, and where your business is⁣ located.

Optimize Your Listing

A complete profile improves how potential customers can find your business in a Google Search and on Google Maps.

Improve Your Local SEO

Google Business Profile listings get clicked seven times more by searchers, and most of those clicks could lead to a sale for your company!

Get Found in Near Me Search

50% of Google searches are for local business and some mobile queries include “near me” in the search to find what’s close at that moment.
Importance Google Business Profile Local SEO

Importance of Google Business Profile for Local SEO

Choose the Google Profile Management Add-On

Your Google Business Profile is a business listing within Google that benefits your local business for free! If you rely on your location to sell products and services, your business needs a Google Business Profile. Your listing will help you rank in local search results and will get your business in front of the right customers searching for all you provide.

Results: Please Note!

The goals of our Google Business Profile Management services are to improve your visibility on Google. This will bring higher engagement on your listing and an increase in website visits. Due to all of the factors involved in turning a visitor into a lead, we cannot promise leads, but we are confident that our work will result in more interest for your business from local prospects and potential buyers.

Google Business Profile Management is an add-on to our Social Media Marketing services only; we do not offer this as a stand-alone service.