Google My Business Listing: More Important Than You Think!

Google My Business Listing: More Important Than You Think!

Your customer base is on the internet right now searching for specific services, products, or a local business location.

Since 80% of searches happen on Google and more than 50% have local intent, there’s a good chance people will discover you through content you’ve added to your Google My Business listing.

The main goal of your SEO strategy is to take up as much prime digital real estate on page one of Google as possible.

Optimize how your business appears on Google pages

Google has been optimizing its search page so people stay on a Google page longer. People need to discover more about your business on the Google results page itself.

Since people rarely go past the first page of their Google Search results – or the Google Local Pack map – you need to be seen in the top positions.

By optimizing your Google My Business listing, you can increase your visibility, attract more customers, and outrank your competition.

Google is always looking at how much effort you are putting into your listing and how much you engage with your reviewers. The more you manage your listing content, the better your chances of ranking higher in the local three-pack and organic search results.

Add managing and optimizing your Google My Business listing to your marketing strategy. It’s more important than you think!

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Does Google My Business help with local SEO?

One of the most important first steps in your local SEO strategy is to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. If Google has already created a listing for your business, make sure you claim it as yours. Once verified, optimizing your Google My Business listing can improve your visibility in places like Google’s Local Pack and organic search results.

Should I be asking clients to leave a review on Google?

Yes, Google encourages business owners to ask their customers or clients for online reviews. Google provides you with an easy link to share with people which will take them right to your profile. They can then leave a starred review with feedback. Your reviews will appear next to your listing in Google Maps and your Knowledge Panel in search results. Online reviews will give your business more credibility and will help your business stand out among your competitors.