What’s Google’s Favorite – WordPress or Squarespace?

What’s Google’s Favorite – WordPress or Squarespace?

In a recent group discussion about website builders, one member stated, “Google prefers Squarespace sites over WordPress. Squarespace sites always rank better so only use Squarespace.” What?

Chaos ensued. Members of the group demanded proof. Where’s the research to back up these claims?

The member who made the statement disappeared from further discussion.

WordPress, Squarespace and Google

Google does not base its ranking decisions solely on which website builder was used – or wasn’t used – to create your website.

There are over 200 ranking factors that determine how your website performs in a search. The website builder you use is not a key factor, it’s one very small part of the SEO puzzle.

Google reads content, searches for inbound links, analyzes formatting, and uses keyword data to deliver the best results they can.

Is one better than the other for SEO?

WordPress and Squarespace are both perfectly suitable for creating optimized content, title tags, and links. These are key factors in SEO more than the web builder platform itself.

To most web developers, WordPress is the preferred website platform. WordPress gives us better control over all content so it’s easier to develop optimized websites for clients.

To Google, one is not better than the other.