Favorite Buzz Word: Humanize

Favorite Buzz Word: Humanize

If your business was a person, who would it be? Your business is made up of humans, but is your method of communication using corporate speak that not everyone understands?

Your customers are human. Your social media followers are human. People want you to inspire them to connect and engage with you. They want to hire your business to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They want to participate in conversations that make them think. They want to like you and know you!

Humanize: Focus on Real Relationships

There’s no doubt about it – the personality of your brand matters! Get away from the old school thinking of traditional in-your-face advertising and focus on conversations for building relationships with real humans. Talking at people like a corporate spokesperson makes it hard for you to connect as a human being.

Relationships are what drives today’s marketing. Focus on relationships and your audience will follow. People want to connect with you as a human being, not as just a brand name.

Stop With the Corporate Babble!

The days of corporate mumbo jumbo speak are over. When you spout off industry-specific jargon, you are talking over people’s heads. You may sound intelligent and extremely important, but you’re coming across as being inaccessible to people.

Talk to people the same way you would in real life. Speak in terms that people understand and ways that keep them engaged. If people feel you’re more like them, they will want to connect with you and your brand.

Use Your Sense of Humor!

Everyone loves a good laugh so why not interject a little humor into your content? There might be times when you need to infuse a bit of humor to help humanize your brand, especially if your industry is fairly, well, boring. There’s nothing more human than having a good laugh!

Share Photos of People Being Themselves!

Be sure to capture photos of the moments that you are human and share the best images. Let your followers get to know you better by posting photos of everyone getting involved in a community event or just having fun.


Does your business truly connect with people? Or are you guilty of corporate speak? Don’t be afraid to let your human show. People trust advocates and hire experts who are more like them. Stop being a corporate spokesperson – that’s a thing of the past. Be more human.