Designing Websites with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Designing Websites with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

When we’re building a new website for a client, search engine optimization is an important part of the web design process. SEO is not something you go back and fix after a new website is complete.

When we’re designing a new website, SEO is never an afterthought in the development process.

We’ve been designing websites for more than twenty years and have always built websites with a strong SEO foundation from the beginning. We also audit for SEO during the development process, before the site goes live.

SEO for Search Engines

When we’re designing your new website, the first thing we do is focus on making sure it can be indexed by search engines. 80% of website traffic comes from search engines. If we don’t design for them, your website is going to get little or no traffic.

We design websites with search engine optimization in mind from the beginning.

SEO for Accessibility

We have to make sure your website is accessible to those with disabilities. The techniques we use to make your site ADA compliant are also best practices for SEO. Your content will be organized and optimized so it makes sense to humans and search engines.

SEO for Mobile

Google will reward your website if it offers a great mobile experience. We make sure your site is developed for the mobile-first world of search and is responsive to each user’s device.

Hire someone who knows SEO

Don’t leave optimization of your website up to an amateur. Since SEO is such an important part of the web design process, you need to hire someone who is experienced in optimization techniques for today’s Internet.

SEO should also be a long-term strategy after your new website has launched. Your page rank will continue to improve and your business can stay competitive in search results.