The Right Web Design Company for Your Business

The Right Web Design Company for Your Business

If you’re looking to hire a web design company to create a new website for your business, you might be wondering which web designer is the right one for you.

Who you end up hiring will depend on what you hope to achieve with your business website. An experienced website design company will be committed to helping you succeed online, but there’s more than just their interest to keep in mind.

Which web design company is right for my business?

  • Know your design requirements: Do you need to easily update your own website? Are there functions of your website that are complex and require more technical expertise? Depending on the complexity of your project, you may need a larger agency or just a professional freelancer.
  • View the web designer’s work: You need to view a work portfolio for each web design company you’re considering. Their previous work will reveal their style, design, and technical expertise. Be cautious if a web design company does not share their design portfolio publicly – they might have something to hide!
  • Pay attention to user experience: When you visit the web designer’s site and the sites they’ve created, pay attention to design (is it pleasing?), ease of use (can you find what you’re looking for?) and loading speed of content (how long did you have to wait for a page to load?).
  • Test their websites on your mobile device: More and more people are visiting websites with their phones so responsive web design is necessary for your website. Make sure you work with a company that puts mobile first and builds a responsive website (one website for all devices). Do not hire a web design company that develops two websites (one for desktop and another for mobile) or charges extra to make your site responsive.

What about web design costs and monthly fees?

Your business has most likely set aside a budget for your new website project so you will want to compare pricing between designers.

  • View their pricing and/or plans: Compare costs for different plans to see which will work best for your project. There are a lot of designers who do not publish their pricing so you will have to contact them for an estimate or an actual proposal.
  • Be aware of any monthly fees: Once your project is paid for, make sure you know if there are any monthly fees going forward. Be sure to ask what those fees are for and what they cover.

Is the web design company active on social media?

One of the best ways to see the human side of a designer is to visit their social media channels. Are they active on Facebook or Instagram? Can you get a feel for their personality through posts, photos, and videos?

We all prefer to work with people we like. Hiring someone who is more like you will bring you the best results for your new website project.

Make sure you interview multiple design firms and are able to review a portfolio of their work. Deciding which company is the best for you should then be an easy decision to make.