Dedicated SSL vs. Shared SSL

Dedicated SSL vs. Shared SSL

The July 2018 release of Chrome is now marking all HTTP sites as “Not Secure” in the browser window. How do you remove the “not secure” message when visiting your website?If you want to remove the “Not Secure” warning on your HTTP site, it’s time to get a secure certificate and switch your site to HTTPS.

Dedicated SSL vs. Shared SSL

All of your pages and file links need to now use https instead of http. You will need a secure certificate on your website server. There are two types of SSL certificates – Shared SSL and Dedicated SSL. What’s the difference between Dedicated SSL and Shared SSL?

Shared SSL

A shared SSL certificate is just like it sounds – it’s shared by all users on your shared hosting server. It’s free and it’s secure. It is shared, though. Your neighbor may be running “inappropriate” websites, plus your certificate’s “private key” is shared with dozens of other sites. This might scare off savvy visitors to your website who check your certicate for validity.

Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL certificates offer more peace of mind to your customers since the secured domain is yours, and your alone. There are no “neighbors” on your certificate.

What Do We Recommend?

Get a dedicated secure certificate that belongs to your website only. Remember, a shared certificate that’s FREE is shared with other domains. That sounds like it defeats the purpose of a secure certificate. Go with a dedicated certificate, just for the trust alone that you will build with site visitors.