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Communicate Changes With Customers During COVID-19

Communicate Changes With Customers During COVID-19

These are weird days, friends, and we are all struggling with all of the changes happening around us. ⁣For your business, now is not the time to go quiet. Now, more than ever, is the time to communicate with your customers.

COVID-19 Communication Tips⁣

Hours on Google: Add temporary hours to your Google My Business listing. Do not change your regular hours – use the Special Hours feature.

Create Posts: Share posts on Google My Business that talk about your availability and how business operations have changed due to COVID-19.

New Blog on Website: Update your website with this same information. Add a banner to your home page with a link to a blog post about timely COVID-19 updates.

Hours on Website: Update the footer and contact page on your website with your temporary hours. Add them – don’t remove your regular hours.

Proactive Communication During COVID-19

Be proactive about providing information people will be looking for and answer questions you know people will be asking.

  • What are your temporary hours?⁣
  • How do we contact your staff?⁣
  • Can business be done online?⁣
  • Are events canceled or postponed?⁣
  • Is your restaurant doing carryout or delivery?

Remind people that you will be sharing updates as things change and take the time to update as days pass.⁣

Hang in there, we’re in this together.

How do I update the Google My Business profile for my Petoskey Business?

To add the most current information on your Google My Business profile, you will need to login to the GMail account you use for managing your business profile. Then, to login to your profile, go to business.google.com and click Manage Now. Updates will be front and center on your Google My Business profile, and will show on Google Search and Google Maps.