Movie theater ads at the Gaylord Cinema are an affordable way to get in front of a local captive audience, and Abuzz Creative can produce a video ad that gets their attention!

Online marketing helps promote your business to a larger market and connect with a wider audience.

We have officially moved our website design and video production business to Petoskey, just in time to spend the holidays in our favorite place in northern Michigan!...

Have you noticed the movie theater ads at the Petoskey Cinema? It's an affordable way to advertise to a local captive audience and we can produce a video that captures their attention!
Abuzz Creative will be moving our website design and video production business to Petoskey, Michigan in the next few weeks - just in time to celebrate the holidays in our new place - and we couldn't be happier!
If you have a YouTube channel where you host your marketing videos, be sure to optimize each video for the search engines. It's a great way for your business to be found.
In the world of creative services, every agency is a little different in how they bill for their services. Some bill hourly while others price by the project.
Advertise your business to a captive audience before every movie! Video advertising at the movie theater is affordable and get movie-goer's attention before the show.
Video marketing is one of the most important strategies for your business. Videos help build brand awareness and stay ahead of your competition. Employees can use their phones to share timely videos on social media sharing. When is it time to hire a professional video production team?

As with any marketing strategy, there is a time for doing it yourself and there's a time when you should really hire a pro! This train of thought definitely applies to video. With easy access to shooting video from our phones, anyone can create a video...

Your website is the front door to your business online. Your videos might be someone's first impression of you. Your online content needs to help build credibility. Why hire local? 
Explainer videos are short stories that have risen in popularity in the last few years. Explainer videos capture people's short attention span and viewers retain your video information better than text.
Have you seen the Harbor/Brenn Insurance video at the Petoskey Cinema? If you are interested in having movie theater videos produced for your movie theater advertising package, contact Eric Davis of Abuzz Creative!
On Saturday, September 12th, Marcie Wolf and Eric Davis will get married at their home in Harbor Springs and celebrate the day with friends and family. The theme is more about the party with friends with a few wedding vows thrown in.
The chamber of commerce is a group that’s dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community. The chamber helps business owners network and grow. If your primary goals are to build local B2B relationships or to grow a local business, the local chamber of commerce is a good place for you.