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Buy Local. Hire Local.

Buy Local. Hire Local.

Supporting local business in our community is what drives our local economy. We see trickle effects when people choose to make local purchases instead of online or at big-box chain stores.

Earn Local and Support Local

Our commitment to community helps speed up our local economy. When you spend your locally-earned money with a local business, keep in mind that they are not making a huge profit. The purchase you made will go back into paying their employees and physical shop expenses, paying local taxes, paying the owner, etc.

The great thing is, most small businesses share the same values you do and are investing right back into their community.

Lost Tax Revenue

You may be able to get a better deal online, but immediately the tax revenue is lost. It’s the tax revenue that gets potholes filled, employs city workers, and pays our firefighters and police officers.

The Charm of our Small Towns

When you visit Harbor Springs and Petoskey, you won’t find the same generic stores and restaurants as anywhere else. Both northern Michigan communities have a unique local flavor. From retail to dining to so many unique services, people rave about the local businesses that are different.

To maintain that vibe we’ve all come to know and love, we all need to shop local and support local businesses.

Hire Local for Services

No matter the industry, a local service provider cares about you on a personal level. In our business, we care about creating a valuable presence for your business. A local business knows your community, is familiar with your market, and is more likely to use your services or buy your products.

Don’t assume you have to pay more to hire a local service provider. No matter the cost, you get more. You can meet face to face with someone who is familiar with your demographic. You can both take the time to get to know each other.

Most local business owners are active members in the business community and the local chamber of commerce. We know northern Michigan and we know how to help you better serve your customers.

We Don’t Outsource!

When you hire Abuzz Creative, Eric and I do all of our own project work and we only take on what we can handle. We do not send work to freelancers outside of our community – we do the work!

We love to work with local businesses so we can meet clients in person to get to know them and get a better understanding of their business.

You Can’t Always Shop Locally

In truth, there are times I just can’t shop local. I am a woman who is six feet tall and I wear a size twelve shoe. Unfortunately, local merchants do not carry apparel and shoes for me. If a local business would offer clothing and shoes for tall women with big feet, I would love to shop there!

I do shop local for everything else. From groceries, farm markets and local produce delivery to insurance, services, hardware, gifts, cars, repairs, and business supplies – I love to shop local!

When you invest in local products, you are investing in your community. This helps your community to thrive. Put your money into the place where you love to live, work and play.