Business Posts on Facebook

Business Posts on Facebook

How often should your business post on Facebook? When it comes to frequency, studies agree that one post per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day.

What Do Social Media Experts Say?

Buffer: Post to Facebook twice a day before likes and comments drop off.

Constant Contact: Post a minimum of 3 times per week with maximum of 10 times per week.

HubSpot: A minimum of 3 times a week with a maximum of 10 posts per week.

Quick Sprout: Facebook pages with fewer followers should post about 16 – 30 times a month, or once every day or two.

Mari Smith: She recommends 5 or 6 Facebook posts per week. Try a few weekend days, too, since Facebook users tend to be active on the weekends and in the evenings.

Social Media Week: Post 5 to 10 times a week, or one or two posts per business day.

Adobe: Post 6 to 10 times per week.

There you have it! Expert advice based on their own studies and they all agree on one post per day on your Facebook page.

Quality and consistency are key to your social media success.