You Have a Google My Business Listing – Have You Claimed It?

You Have a Google My Business Listing – Have You Claimed It?

When Google rolled out their Google My Business platform, a profile was automatically generated for your company from content found online. You may not realize this profile is out there about you, much less that you can take control of this valuable listing.

Yes, you can claim your listing, and you should! Don’t leave it up to Google bots to try to fill in the gaps. Information they find about your company might be outdated, or someone else might claim your profile!

What Is Google My Business?

Google gives your business its own Google My Business listing which shows a Google Map of your company’s location, reviews, photos, your website URL, phone number, business hours. You can keep it updated with events, services, products, and more.

When someone searches for your business name, this information then appears in a knowledge panel on the right of the Google search results and on Google Maps.

We can’t express the importance of claiming your listing enough.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Once you claim and verify your listing, you will want to optimize your profile as much as you can, especially for local SEO.

Complete Your Profile

  • Add a detailed description
  • Add hours, contact info, links


  • Create Service categories
  • List services and descriptions under each category


  • Add featured products with photo
  • Add fixed-fee services with photo


  • Ask for reviews on your profile
  • Respond to every review


  • Add featured food and beverage items

Posts (at least once a week)

  • Share posts and offers
  • Add upcoming events with date and photo
  • Photos should be 800px by 600px, or 4:3 aspect ratio
  • If you upload a square photo, it will get cropped by Google

Profile Short Name

  • Get verified then create Short Name
  • Share URL – ours is “”

If you need guidance, you can schedule a one on one training with Marcie Wolf. Personalized training is available for individuals or groups of two or more.

More Info on Individual and Group Training

How often should our company be posting on Google My Business?

Since your most recent posts will show for seven days, we recommend that you post on Google My Business at least once a week. We share posts every few days and we have seen great results, and improved rankings! Google tends to look favorably on businesses that use their products so post often!