Attract an Audience with Video Marketing

Attract an Audience with Video Marketing

We all love watching videos for the pure entertainment they provide and the information we can gain. Adding video to your digital marketing strategy can definitely help boost your sales.

According to a Renderforest survey:

  • 78% of users got more traffic to their website after they started using videos.
  • 69% of users generated more leads with the help of video content.
  • 54% of users increased their sales.

The survey says? Time to start using video in your marketing!

The future of marketing is video

Research shows that more than 80% of all web traffic is projected to be video.

Video is a dynamic form of content. They speak for themselves and communicate with your audience better than any other form of social media post.

Video is the best content type for posting on social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Each channel’s algorithm pushes videos to the top of your follower’s news feed. Upload engaging videos directly to your social media pages for more views and engagement.

Ideas for video content

  • Vlog: Think blog post but in video form.
  • Interview: Staff spotlights and client testimonials.
  • Webinar: Share knowledge with others.
  • Presentation: Company overview or speech.
  • How-To: Provide instructions or tutorials.
  • Commercial: Short, 30-second video for advertising.

Steps for Creating a Video

  • Start with a great idea and decide what topic your video will be centered around.
  • Write a script first, then read it aloud while timing yourself. Know the distribution points for your video so your script does not go over the maximum length allowed.
  • Plan your shooting schedule and the location(s). Do you need lighting? Do you need microphones?
  • Create a video distribution schedule.

For the best value and quality, hire a professional. It’s cheaper than you think and your audience will notice the difference!