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Advantages to Hiring Web Designers, Not DIY

Advantages to Hiring Web Designers, Not DIY

You know it’s important for your business to have a website. You also know there are a lot of free or cheap options available for building a website. Why would you need a pro?

First of all, what goes into building a successful website? The details involved in the process of designing and building a website include having strong graphic design experience and knowledge of web programming, knowing search engine optimization and ADA Compliance standards, and writing proper copy for SEO.

All of these elements work together to create a website that performs and meets usability standards. If you don’t have the experience in design, programming, compliance and SEO, how can you create a website that performs best for your business?

Advantages of Hiring a Web Design Company

Your website is the most important marketing piece for your business. If you are trying to design a website on your own, there’s a chance you experienced a lot of trial and error. A web design company knows how to avoid design problems and development errors in the first place, meaning your website will be launched quicker!

Read the following advantages and hopefully your decision to hire a pro will be an easier one!

Web Design Companies Have the Skills

As stated before, there are complex details that go into developing a website. You want to make a great first impression with high quality graphics and videos. The text content, programming, and SEO require knowledge of today’s trends to be competitive. ADA Compliance is required of all businesses offering a service to the public. Your site needs to be SSL to avoid the “Not Secure” warning in visitor’s browsers.

Sounds confusing, right? It is, but a professional web designer will know all of these things. They have the skills to meet compliance requirements. They can get your website to rank higher.

Hiring a Web Designer Will Save You Time

You probably have a lot on your plate just running your business. Do you have the time it takes to learn website development? Creating a website takes hours of design, development and planning. All of your content must be specific to online marketing, too.

When you hire an experienced web design company, you can go back to focusing on what you do best – running your business! Your site will look more professional and it will be completed in less time than if you tried to build it properly yourself.

Web Developers Follow the Rules

Any business considered a “public accommodation” has to have an ADA compliant web presence. A professional will make sure all pages on your website are usable by people with disabilities and develop websites that meet accessibility standards.

A web design company ensures that your website is safe by running your site as SSL. This will do away with the “Not Secure” warning in visitor’s browsers, and will secure your login and any online submissions through your website.

A web design company does not use “black hat” SEO techniques to try and trick Google. They follow the rules with SEO so your website will rank well organically.

Value of Hiring a Professional

The website that a professional creative team produces will generate something that is incredibly valuable to your business for a long time to come. Your website will be viewed and used every day by potential customers and current clients. Your website should provide a great first impression and a positive user experience.

If you want a website that looks professional, helps generate leads and increases sales, and accommodates people with various disabilities, you need to hire a web design company.