Have you noticed the little circles at the top of your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds? Those are “stories” posted by friends or pages you follow.

Stories are a great way to share the best moments of a day in your life or to share updates from an event. The possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that stories vanish after a set period of time.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

Stories were introduced by Instagram and then appeared soon after on Facebook. You can upload a portrait-style photo and add stickers or text overlay. You can also shoot a video live or or upload videos stored on your phone.

Stories appear at the top of the news feed for 24 hours and are available for profile and business page use.

YouTube Reels

YouTube has released a stories format of their own called Reels. YouTube Reels offer a different set of unique features, but it’s the same concept of limited-time short stories.

Why Use Stories?

I imagine the use of stories will continue to grow in popularity for businesses on Facebook. With the recent Facebook algorithm change, business pages will be seen less in the news feed. Posting a story puts the business at the top of the news feed for a limited time.

Stories are a great way to present more humanized content and behind the scenes video content. Have fun using stories as part of your social marketing strategy!